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Presentation Coaching

While portfolio managers, principals and analysts have spent years perfecting their craft, they often need assistance to verbally present their firm and strategies to prospects. Every presentation given should be done with confidence, clarity and in such a way that any audience can easily understand. Through our strategic partners, Ovis provides comprehensive coaching for investor presentations, conferences, panel participation and media interviews. We help simplify verbose answers and also teach the do’s/don’ts of presentations and interviews; provide language to control the message; drill spokespersons to speak in sound bites, and tell the firm’s story in “elevator pitch” form. Our team has assisted PMs, CEOs, research analysts, and investor relations professionals win significant mandates, deliver effective pitches and control the pace and tenor of a media interview from start to finish.


Public Relations

As the JOBS Act moves closer to implementation, hedge funds and private equity firms are increasingly implementing proactive public relations programs to build and enhance their brands and reach more investors. At the same time—hedge funds, which are finding themselves under ever-greater scrutiny from both regulators and the media—are engaging PR firms to “protect” them from negative coverage and also to strategically communicate more effectively to their investors and the public. Through our strategic partners, Ovis provides a variety of services that firms of all sizes need to build and protect their brands and generate increased business, including: media relations (proactive or defensive), editorial services, copywriting, media/presentation coaching, message development, a speaker’s bureau, social/digital media, SEO, and crisis communications.