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From the simplest splash page to the most robust web portal, it's more important than ever to represent a strategy, process and infrastructure clearly and effectively.

The Ovis Technologies website design and development team is focused all facets of website development — from creating simple splash pages and brochure style websites to fully integrated website portals and investor focused IR engines. Our websites and related online products are known for delivering a dynamic and sophisticated online presence with unparalleled levels of scalability, security and efficiency. Experts in financial services technology solutions, Ovis leverages technology and its understanding of hedge funds and financial services to create customized and targeted websites. Ovis starts the process by reviewing content, core messaging and related themes. Next, we create a design that integrates all aspects of messaging, branding and user experience into a complete and comprehensive web portal.


Every site is designed to be updatable via user friendly administrative tools and programmed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines in mind. In addition, the strict financial services regulatory environment increases the need for clients to produce and manage timely, accurate and transparent information and our team members are specialists in the space. Employing powerful financial services technology solutions, each of our sophisticated and custom-branded websites can include powerful reporting, auditing and administrative tools. Clients can also access our expertise in hedge fund technology and plug into our secure web-based administration portal and manage content, documents, reporting, performance and user credentials 24/7.