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Software Case Study

The Goal

Sanctuary Wealth is the advanced platform for the next generation of elite advisors

who have the entrepreneurial spirit to build and manage their own practices. Supporting advisors all the way from the back office to middle office to the front office requires a variety of products and services. Tying together all these separate systems into a single cohesive system was critical to Sanctuary's success. Two main goals were data management and an intranet to run corporate operations as well as the operations of their partner firms.

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Special Considerations

Sanctuary is a rapidly growing company

with this specific technical problem. They needed a software team but even more than that, they needed a partner who could architect a technology solution for their whole organization — and build this whole operation while the plane was flying. 

They needed a robust solution

that meets strict compliance and regulatory needs, HA (high availability) and a modern UI/UX. However, their target audience is about 1,000 users. Most software solutions are designed for millions, if not tens of millions of users. Sanctuary wanted an exit strategy from software development and needed to be in a position to be able to manage and maintain the application.

The Solution

Ovis started out with the understanding that AWS was the cloud vendor of choice.

Sanctuary already had some applications running in AWS. We used AWS Control Tower service to build an environment that was safe and secure for all the different technologies Sanctuary was using. We then set up process to enable different Sanctuary departments to be able to access this secure and fully managed AWS environment. Ovis then engaged with its partner, Trek10, as the long-term solution provider; they implemented Cloud Ops and team support functions for Sanctuary. This way when Ovis completed the build and implementation, Sanctuary would feel confident they could continue to work with Trek10 to maintain the applications Ovis built. In order to not break the bank on costs yet deliver the quality Sanctuary needed, Ovis used a serverless approach which has key advantages in 3 important areas:

  1. Cost, both from a build and maintenance point of view. With serverless, you only pay for the runtime of your code, and it’s automatically designed to be HA. If you’re running million-user workloads or thousand-user workloads, your cost per user is the same. Most of the environment set up and maintenance is taken care of by AWS, which helps speed development — again reducing costs.
  2. Security & Maintenance, better and cheaper. As more of the tech stack is managed by AWS, you get the benefits of their deep security testing and monitoring, plus you’ll need fewer staff members to maintain the application.
  3. Compliance, because of the development process, all the Dev-Ops is in code which can easily be audited and reviewed.