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Pitchbook Creation Services

The key ingredient for persuading your audience and selling the benefits of your firm, investment fund, service or product is your pitch.

Your pitchbook, including family office pitchbooks, hedge fund pitchbooks, and private equity pitchbooks, must be intelligently crafted and have a distinct verbal message and visual identity. Having worked on thousands of pitchbooks and marketing documents for our clients, we know what resonates most with an investor or end client. And we apply that experience to design and format each piece, beginning with the precision of the content on each page and culminating in an overall look that is both differentiated and effective. The financial services industry is a veritable factory of content, but its print collateral is often dense and uninviting. Ovis designers know how to bring to life pitchbooks on any topic, resulting in stand-out decks with customized design, formatted to encourage readership and engagement.

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Pitchbooks & Presentations

Factsheets & One Pagers

Custom Brochures

Research/Performance Reports

Due Diligence Questionnaire

Newsletters & Investor Communication

Infographic Design

Event/Conference Materials

In the financial services industry, building a strong brand image is particularly important, as it helps to establish trust and credibility with potential customers

This is especially true given that financial services firms often deal with sensitive information and complex financial products, which can make customers feel nervous or unsure.

By developing pitchbooks as part of overall marketing materials that are consistent with the firm's overall brand image and messaging, you can help to reinforce the firm's reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of financial services. This, in turn, can make it easier for the firm to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

When selling marketing materials focused on building a strong brand image, it's important to emphasize the importance of consistency across all channels, including the firm's website, social media accounts, and any printed materials. You may also want to highlight the importance of messaging that is clear, concise, and easy to understand, as this can help to build trust and establish the firm's credibility.

It's also important to understand the regulatory environment in which financial services firms operate. Depending on the country and the specific type of financial services being offered, there may be strict rules and guidelines that must be followed when creating marketing materials. For example, certain disclosures or disclaimers may be required, and claims made in marketing materials must be substantiated by data or other evidence.

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