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What We Do

Software Services for Financial Firms

We design an approach so that your software will align with your strategic goals.

Working with companies in the early stages of their business journey, we create custom software solutions, fully architected to address compliance issues, usage patterns, ongoing support and maintenance. We build these software solutions ourselves and provide a variety of support, maintenance and development packages to match your particular situation.

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Online Applications & APIs

Data Warehouse/Lake (ETL)

Process & Security Management

Compliance Planning

Ongoing Maintenance & Management

Project Consulting

The Difference

One of Ovis's prized accomplishments is our partner network. In the almost 2 decades we have been in business, we have taken the time to develop relationships with our partners. Not only do we know what our partners do, we know how they do it. This is how Ovis creates the cross-discipline knowledge needed to create the synergies required to make technology and people work harmoniously together.

The AWS Macro vs Micro conundrum. AWS is mostly designed to support large applications at scale which can make it difficult for smaller clients to leverage the true power of the Cloud. Ovis uses AWS's serverless approach to maximize the power of the Cloud while supporting smaller clients. The serverless approach works well for both the micro as well as the macro, giving our clients, who have big ambitions, the seamless ability to have their software grow with them.

The most important role in our company is your client success manager. This person has your best interest at heart, knows all the parties working on your project and has built the relationships needed to make everyone come together and make your project a success.

Our deep understanding of how brand, sophisticated users, marketing, in the financial industry, allows Ovis to make the best user experience. Understanding your message to your audience is key in making that connection with your customers. Customers are the success of any business. Become one of our 300+ successful customers.

Technology Architecture

Setting up and implementing technology, particularly in the Cloud, can be a daunting task, even for professionals. When you also factor in compliance, security, marketing, business strategy, data analytics, and other requirements, it can become overwhelming. Large enterprises can afford to hire a team of experts to manage these tasks, but smaller organizations with tighter budgets must take a more strategic approach.

At Ovis, we understand the challenges faced by smaller organizations and have developed strategies to help you successfully integrate technology into your business in a way that aligns with your budget. Our approach allows us to deliver technology in stages, while still considering all the essential aspects, such as compliance, security, and data analytics. Let us help you navigate the complexities of technology integration and find the best way to tie it all together.

Application Development

Whether you need Ovis to develop an entire project or just a part of it, our cross-disciplinary development teams are trained to provide the best return on investment. From websites and custom web applications to data monetization and API creation, our teams are equipped to handle a wide range of projects.

To ensure project continuity, our client success manager will select the best resources for your project and oversee the process from start to finish. This minimizes staff changeover and ensures that your project is completed efficiently.

For larger projects, dedicated staff will be assigned exclusively to your project to reduce time to market and cost. Additionally, we offer expertise in C-level technology decisions around technology lifecycles, cyber security risks, and operations to help guide your business decisions.

Our development teams specialize in a range of technologies, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, Node JS, PERL, Python, Relational Databases, data warehouses, data visualizations, data lakes, ETL work, APIs, and serverless programming in AWS. We also cross-train in SEO/digital marketing, compliance, security, UI/UX, AWS cost optimization, and other AWS services to provide comprehensive support for your project needs.

Data Monetization

Data Monetization is a process that evolves as the organization and data mature. Initially, it involves data collection and setting up capabilities around it. The next step is to visualize the data, generate reports, and disseminate information. Depending on the data's importance, governance or the application of ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) may be required. Each step in the process requires both technical abilities and the organization's ability to understand and monetize the data.

Data can significantly impact the bottom or top line of the organization. It is crucial to set goals, measure the success of those goals, and identify the difficulty/risk of achieving them vs. the rewards. However, achieving data monetization requires buy-in at various levels, and organizations need to integrate these changes into their processes and procedures for success.

Ovis can help organizations integrate these changes and provide guidance on data monetization. We understand that success is not just about technical expertise, but it also requires a holistic approach to ensure buy-in and integration of changes into the organization's processes and procedures.


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